About regenTM

Brand Tagline

for the Next Generation

As a leading brand in eco-friendly textile materials worldwide, Hyosung TNC
establishes the position of regen and reinforces its global reach.


As a pioneer in the eco-friendly textile ecosystem, regen BPS is a flagship brand that envisions a future of coexistence and collaboration

  • Brand Vision

    A leading textile brand that drives innovation to materialize the global eco-system

  • Category

    Eco-friendly textile material

    • Korea’s first eco-friendly brand

      Launched at a time when the public's awareness of plastic recycling was low

      World's first commercialization of bio-based spandex

    • High quality and reliability

      Exceptional quality and reliability, surpassing general fiber materials in terms of functionality

    • Active in creating an eco-friendly ecosystem

      Collaboration with various institutions and preemptive investments in technology recycling

  • Benefit

    • Customer

      The brand that realizes eco-friendly lifestyle and high functionality simultaneously

      The brand that suggests advanced features and new lifestyles to customers

    • Consumer

      The brand that lives up to the desire to show that eco-friendliness itself is an innovation

      The brand that finds ways to contribute to future generations

  • Brand

    • Innovative

      The brand that uses technology to transform what seems impossible into reality

    • Warm

      The brand that takes an initiating role in creating an ecosystem for the next generation through partnerships

    • Confident

      The brand that is committed to solving problems rather than providing vague responses

  • Target

    • Customer

      Global brands aspiring to be leading green brands while maintaining high functionality

    • Consumer

      Thoughtful consumers who prioritize the well-being of the next generation

      Consumers who actively participate in collective efforts for the future without continuing their current lifestyle

  • Customer Insight

    The brand that embraces sustainability in the process of producing better products

Logo History

regen regen


Developed regen and achieved the world's first Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification

Used a circular symbol representing polyester yarn and compound words "recycle" and "generation"



Launched regen Jeju and regen Seoul and conducted campaigns for waste PET recycling

Incorporated elements symbolizing Jeju (waves) and Seoul (N Seoul Tower) to highlight the respective locations

regen regen


In the rapidly growing eco-friendly market, renewed regen to take the winning position in addressing environmental issues such as realizing a circular economy

Symbolized the letter “r” intuitively conveying the brand’s sustainable values.

regen regen


Demonstrated regen's eco-friendly leadership followed by launching Hyosung Group's integrated family brand for eco-friendly textiles and introducing the world's first bio-based spandex

Need to maintain and enhance regen's established image in the eco-friendly field

Visual Identity

Given the accelerating interest in eco-friendliness and the diversification of eco-friendly brands, it is essential to develop a high-profile and
versatile visual identity that can effectively respond to the changing landscape

  • A dramatic increase in eco-friendly consumption

    2001:KRW 1.5 trillion, 2010:KRW 16 trillion, 2020:KRW 30 trillion 2001:KRW 1.5 trillion, 2010:KRW 16 trillion, 2020:KRW 30 trillion

    Source: Ministry of Environment and Maeil Business Newspaper, November 13, 2020

  • New Visual Identity of regenTM

    New Leadership Recycle


regen should hold a dominant position in the rapidly growing eco-friendly market as the "new leading brand."
We aim to be at the forefront of the eco-friendly era while expressing the value of eco-friendliness.


    Convert, Reuse, Alternate


    Animated, Cheerful, Festive


    Organic, Refreshing, Agrarian

EcoMaterial for
the Next Generation

regen regen

    As a global textile company, regen envisions the future.

    Through green (Eco) textile technology,
    we aim to see (Eye) a better and greener future
    and create a closed loop.

  • Drawing a
    New Leadership

    regen embraces a sustainable mindset,

    envisioning new leadership in the eco-friendly era
    through the power of technology.

Brand Logo

  • Recycling Category

    Eco-friendly recycling materials for eco-lifestyle

    regen regen

    regenTM BLUE

  • Bio-based Material Category

    Bio-based materials and biodegradable and depolymerization materials

    regen regen

    regenTM GREEN