Brand Tagline

Super Lifestyle Seeker

It expresses Hyosung TNC's promise as a leading brand that
pushes the boundaries of customer lifestyles and leads them into new territory.


The brand that unleashes possibilities and inspiration for enhanced expression for clients (brands), improved quality of life of consumers,
and greater sustainability for the planet through innovative materials that serve as the fashion industry's semiconductors

  • Brand Vision

    Engineered functional textiles that will push the boundaries of the global consumers’ lifestyle

  • Category

    Functional textiles related to lifestyle

    • Top-notch functionality

      The highest level of functional materials that enables brands to realize their vision of innovative lifestyle

    • Highest workability

      Provide unparalleled quality, stability, and work efficiency for weaving fabrics and fashion materials

    • Best customer support

      The brand that supports technical issues and makes suggestions most quickly and effectively

  • Benefit

    • Customer

      A material that suggests a new lifestyle with high functionality

      A textile material that provides reliable quality with confidence

    • Consumer

      An optimized material for specific lifestyles

      A material that strikes a balance between fashion and functionality

      A material that creates cutting-edge trends

  • Brand

    • Challenging

      The brand that “embraces challenges” to discover new possibilities

    • Delicate

      A delicate brand that finds new possibilities in every part of customers' daily lives

    • Attentive

      The brand that ubiquitously and kindly presents possibilities in everyday life

    • Supportive

      The brand that helps consumers adapt to newness in everyday life

  • Target

    • Customer

      Brands (clients) striving to provide a better life for end-users

    • Consumer

      Consumers pursuing better style and sophistication in daily life

      A lifestyle leader that harmonizes collective value with individuality in a refined manner

  • Customer Insight

    The needs of brands (clients) to combine fashion and functionality, seeking materials that offer new possibilities beyond traditional options

    Seeking materials that are environmentally friendly and provide stability for consumer use

Logo History

creora creora


Hyosung Co., Ltd. Commenced its Spandex Business

Launched CREORA, a spandex brand developed with a patented technique for the first time in Korea and 4th in the world

creora (it's in our every fiber) creora (it's in our every fiber)


Over 30% of the Global
Market Share

CREORA gained a significant global market share of over 30% and became the leading spandex manufacturer worldwide

creora creora


CREORA's New Positioning

As the largest manufacturer of spandex and the family brand that encompasses all of Hyosung TNC's functional textiles, CREORA continually refines to expand its position and scope

Visual Identity

Looking forward, CREORA will expand its role beyond the spandex category and become the leading textile family brand encompassing spandex, nylon, and polyester.
Accordingly, we developed the brand's identity in consideration of CREORA’s leadership and role expansion in the market.

  • CREORATM’s Role Expansion

    Spandex Brand -> The leading textile family brand of Hyosung TNC
  • New Identity of CREORATM

    Global No.1 Leadership Expandability


CREORA serves as the leading textile family brand of Hyosung TNC, highlighting its market position as the global no. 1 spandex brand by share of market. It plays a pivotal role in the upcoming era of Hyosung TNC.


    New, Cutting-edge, Original


    Visionary, Inspiring, Hip

  • No.1 BRAND

    Best, Outstanding, First

Super Lifestyle Seeker

creora creora

    CREORATM, Hyosung TNC’s spandex brand, has achieved global recognition as the largest global spandex brand by manufacture.

    As a proud brand of Hyosung TNC, CREORATM will become a leading brand that encompasses all of Hyosung TNC’s textile brands beyond spandex.

    We will reach the pinnacle (Peak) of the textile market and pave the innovative and new way (Line) in Korea and beyond.

    CREORA paves the way for our future.

Brand Logo

  • Spandex Category

    Applied with the main colors for spandex as it has been instrumental in the company’s growth to become the global no.1 in the textile market beyond just spandex.

    CREORA Spandex CREORA Spandex


  • Nylon Category

    Highlights the unique qualities of the material, expressing its softness and luxurious feel, akin to silk-like materials

    CREORA Nylon CREORA Nylon


  • Polyester Category

    Expresses a comprehensive image of its widespread use across various industries since it accounts for the largest segment in the synthetic fiber market due to its affordability

    CREORA Polyester CREORA Polyester